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Customer Support Work Remotely My Macros+, LLC

Jobs Description

You will be responsible for providing email support to all of our customers and potential customers. You must be highly knowledgable about our range of products and be able to clearly problem solve and articulate potential issues with users of those applications.

This is a remote position and you can work from anywhere, at whatever hours of the day you prefer.

Your Tasks

  • Use their exemplary product knowledge to provide email correspondence with users to answer their questions and solve whatever problems they may have.
  • Resolve user problems by clarifying the customers complaint. Problem solve in a manner that helps determine the cause of the problem. Provide suggestive action to solve the problem or notify the proper party in the My Macros+ about the users issue so they can provide assistance.
  • This is a remote position so taking responsibility of your tasks is a must. There will be weekly phone meetings but applicants must be self-motivated.


  • Manage and prioritize multiple concerns simultaneously.
  • Provide appropriate and correct information regarding product knowledge requests
  • A positive attitude, even when faced with misplaced criticism or frustration.
  • The ability to learn quickly and move on from both success and failure.
  • Process customer orders/changes/returns according to established department policies and procedures.
  • Provide timely feedback to company management regarding challenges or customer concerns.
  • Listen, document, and help resolve conflicts with customers.
  • Document the patterns and queries that may indicate a larger problem with the product or service that needs to be resolved.