My Weight Loss With Macro Coach

Jason Loewy, My Macros+ CEO & Founder · April 8th, 2018

How I lost 30 Lbs, and it only cost me $60.

A revolutionary macro recommendation system that has the ability to change the lives of millions. In order to confidently promote something of this magnitude I must first walk the walk.

My name is Jason Loewy and I am the founder of My Macros+. I am a former bodybuilder and powerlifter that is trying to make software to help people reach their health and fitness goals.

Partnering with WNBF World Champion Katie Rutherford and Registered Dietician Whitney English, we spent over a year researching and developing Macro Coach which uses artificial intelligence to automate the macro recommendation process and help you reach your goals.

Four months before its launch I realized there was no better person to test it than myself. These are my results.

"as a professional body builder I was so excited to see that Macro Coach was making the same exact dietary adjustments that I would have made for myself"

My Progress With Macro Coach

I started off at a near record heavy weight of 226.2lbs. To give you some perspective, I compete in bodybuilding at 186lbs, so I was heavy to say the least. I started off on the moderate fat loss phase with the goal of losing 0.5-1.0 lb / week and continued at that pace for 2 weeks. At that point I switched to the fast fat loss ( 1.0 - 2.0 lbs / week ) for almost the remainder of the time on Macro Coach.

Right off the bat, as a professional bodybuilder I was so excited to see that Macro Coach was making the same exact dietary adjustments that I would have made for myself.

I used Macro Coach for 6 months and throughout that time there were a few checkins where my weight loss was too slow, but the adjustments proved to be on point as there were never 2 weeks in a row where I wasn’t within the proper range of weight loss.

The goal of Macro Coach isn’t to make you lose or gain weight as fast as possible, but to do so at a healthy, sustainable speed. There were times when I lost too much during the previous week. With the goal range being 1-2 lbs / week I lost over 3lbs a few times throughout the process and when checking in those weeks I got more macros added back to my days to make sure I kept the proper pace.

When all was said and done I was down 28.2lbs at a pace of 1lb / week. Keeping in mind that 3 of those weeks were at a moderate pace and this falls perfectly in line with what should be expected.
What I was most happy about during this weight loss phase with Macro Coach was truly how little I had to think about my diet while still making progress. I have dieted before and it was always a mental game of chess. “Ok I lost this much last week but I only lost that much the other week…. what should I do?” . With Macro Coach I spent 30 seconds checking in each week and could rest assure that I had the optimal macros to reach my goals.

Flexibility Made Easy

My Top 25 Foods

One of the great aspects of counting macros is that it allows for diet flexibility. Throughout this journey, while losing close to 30lbs almost 10% of my meals were out at restaurants that I estimated with the fast track feature.

In order to lose weight most people do need to make some dietary changes, but that shouldn’t mean missing out on all the joys that food provides. I like food, I also like to be “in shape” and healthy. As you can see, Macro Coach allowed me to have the best of both worlds.

Here you can see the top 25 foods that ate throughout this weight loss journey. The majority of it are foods that you would consider “clean” or “healthy” foods. Topping off the list is Chicken, natural peanut butter, whole wheat bread, but not too far down the list is Ghirardelli chocolate. I like chocolate and no matter what point my diet was at believe it or not, I still like chocolate. So I didn’t take it out of my diet and progress never suffered.
I also had ice cream almost every night. Not the biggest bowl in the world, but enough to never feel like I was depriving my sweet tooth. If I was craving something, I would sensibly work it into my diet so at the end of the day my remaining macros to reach my goals were near 0.

Who is Macro Coach For?

Macro Coach is for anyone that needs a little guidance with their diets. Wether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight or just maintain a healthy lifestyle and need help being honest with yourself, Macro Coach can help.

After filling out the initial questionnaire with your goals and answering some questions about yourself you are given your starting macros and are ready to go. Every week you complete a short checkin and see where you’re at. At that point the Macro Coach algorithm analyzes your progress and computes your macro goal changes, if necessary, to make sure you continue to progress. All of this for as little as $9.99 / month.

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